View Full Version : Jailed for knife possession

03-Aug-16, 21:15
Knife-carrying caller "deeply worrying for public" - sheriff

A WICK family were alarmed when a man in Highland dress appeared at their door carrying a sgian dubh.

The police were summoned and arrested fisherman Michael Sinclair. He admitted carrying a blade without reasonable excuse of lawful authority and a record.

Wick Sheriff Court was told today that Sinclair, 38, of 55b Nelson Street, Aberdeen, was seen a little earlier, walking down Bremner's Walk, in Wick, on April 30, before calling at one of the houses.

The accused immediately dropped the dagger when the police appeared. He was said to have been looking for the address of someone he was to stay with when he was north.

Solicitor Leonard Birkenshaw said that Sinclair, had been away from Caithness for some time and had come north for a wedding. He had taken drink on top of prescribed medication for anxiety and had "simply become confused".

The solicitor stressed there was no threatening or offensive behaviour, involved.

Sheriff Andrew Berry said the incident must have been deeply worrying for members of the public

The sheriff noted the accused's convictions which included possession of a knife and commented on a recent high court prison sentence for a knife offence designed to act as deterrent, adding that a prison sentence had also to be imposed in this case, in the public interest.

Sinclair was jailed for four months.