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03-Aug-16, 18:11
Stranger was attacked for kissing girlfriend of accused's best mate

A MAN resented a stranger kissing his mate's girlfriend.....and hit him over the head with a bottle.

The assailant, Michael Shearer, 29, was jailed for nine months at Wick Sheriff Court today after he admitted the assault and a record..

The victim, Cameron Andrew, required treatment in hospital following the assault at the Silver Darlings Pub, part of the town's nightclub complex.

Mr Andrew was in Wick on business on August 21, last year and had gone to the pub with a companion. Mr Andrew was seen kissing a woman he had been chatting to earlier in a neighbouring establishment.

Shearer approached and struck Mr Andrew over the head with a bottle causing the glass to shatter. His companion, a Mr O' Hara had to raise his hand to shield his face from the shards of glass. Other customers intervened and jointly wrestled Shearer to the floor.

Shearer told police after he was arrested: "I was defending the friend of a friend...we would all have done the same.

Solicitor George Mathers said that Shearer of 48 Seaforth Avenue, Wick was angry about a complete stranger kissing his mate's girl and went on: "He thought she was vulnerable and was trying to protect her. He was drunk and just saw red and completely lost his temper. It was completely over the top. Shearer was under no obligation to get involved. It wasn't his girlfriend acting the way she was."

Sheriff Andrew Berry described it as "a drink-fuelled unprovoked attack" on an innocent person with whom the accused had no grudge against and continued: "Apparently, you didn't realise you had a bottle in your hand. If people become so drunk that they lose control as you did, such they must understand there will be consequences. I take the view there is no alternative to prison."