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03-Aug-16, 08:44
Nightclub assault "not acceptable" sheriff tells accused

A LABOURER who broke a fellow nightclub patron's nose, was yesterday warned he could face a jail term.
Sheriff Andrew Berry also told Stephen O' Kane to expect a ban from the Thurso nightspot.
O'Kane, 25, admitted a charge of assault and a record. Wick Sheriff Court heard that the incident, captured on CCTV, occurred in the smoking area of Skinandis, on August 22, last year. A drunken argument broke out between the accused and James Maher who was punched in the face.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that O'Kane's recollection was that Mr Maher had behaved agressively towards him.
Sheriff Berry said that drunken violence was not acceptable in any society and pointed out that the accused required to view the CCTV footage before he had "any real idea" of what had taken place.
The sheriff observed that O' Kane, of 1 Meadow Court, Thurso, had convictions for assault and that since he was persisting in acts of violence, a custodial sentence was among the sentencing options.
Sheriff Berry, who called for a background report, added that he would fix the ban from the nightclub when the accused returned for sentence on August 13.