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07-Jul-16, 15:40
Assault likely to attract prison sentence warns sheriff

A MAN took exception to a pub customer kissing his best mate's girlfriend and hit him over the head with a bottle.

The victim, Cameron Andrew, required treatment in hospital Wick Sheriff Court heard today.

He had been warned by Michael Shearer, 29, to leave the girl alone. Shearer, a painter-decorator, admitted a charge of assault on indictment and was warned he could face a prison sentence.

Sheriff Andrew Berry heard that Mr Andrew and a companion, a Mr O'Hara, had been in Wick on business on August 21, last year.

After finishing work for the day, they adjourned to the town's Wetherspoon pub for food and drinks, moving on to the Camps Bar a short distance away. There, Mr Andrew noticed a woman he had seen earlier in the day and they chatted.

Shortly, afterwards all three made their way to the Silver Darlings pub, part of the town's nightclub complex.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that "things progressed" to the stage where Mr Andrew kissed the woman.

The fiscal continued:"Shearer who witnessed it, approached Mr Andrew and struck him over the head with the bottle, causing the glass to shatter. His companion Mr O' Hara had to raise his hand to shield his face from the shards of glass."

A number of customers intervened and jointly wrestled Shearer to the floor of the pub.

Police and para-medics were called in and Mr Andrew was taken to Caithness General Hospital where he had stitches inserted in cuts, following which he was able to leave. Mr Matheson added that the injuries would not leave a scar.

Shearer, of 48, Seaforth Avenue, Wick, was located outside, a short distance away and was arrested.

The fiscal said that the accused volunteered the comment - "I was defending the friend of a friend...we would all have done the same."

Solicitor George Mathers said that Shearer and Mr Andrew had met in the Camps Bar where the accused had warned him about "moving in" on his mate's girlfriend.

Mr Mathers added: "He was angry about her kissing a complete stranger. Shearer was extremely drunk at the time."

Sheriff Berry called for a background report and warned Shearer, who will return to court for sentence, on August 3: "An unprovoked assault like this is likely to attract a custodial sentence."