View Full Version : Fraudster jailed

10-Jun-16, 15:42
Sheriff appalled at depths to which confidence trickster has sunk in 27-year record

A WICK man was jailed for eight months today for obtaining accommodation at two Caithness hotels, by fraud.

Duncan Flett, 44, was said to have a string of convictions for that type of offences at courts from Orkney to South Devon.

Flett concocted stories in order to stay at Central Hotel, in Thurso and Wick's Queen's Hotel, between September 1, and May 9. He ran up bills totalling 345.

Perusing Flett's lengthy record, Sheriff Andrew Berry said:"I really struggle to take in the depths to which you sink to benefit yourself at the expense of others. It is truly extraordinary."

The sheriff added that there was no point in imposing a compensation order as the accused could not be trusted "for one second" to make restitution.

Flett sentence is backdated to May 30 when he was taken into custody.