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07-Jun-16, 17:25
Early morning visit caused householder distress

A MAN with a record was banned from Caithness today after he admitted his latest offence of disorderly conduct.

Kai Thorstead, 43,who appeared from custody, will also be under supervision for 18 months.

He appeared at a woman's house in Bremners' Walk, Wick, in the early hours of April 30, shouted and swore and demanded to be admitted, causing her some distress, Wick Sheriff Court heard.

Thorstead ignored the unnamed woman's pleas to leave and she reported the incident to the police who discovered he had eventually moved on to the town's North Murchison Street where he continued to be aggressive and abusive, towards officers.

Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, was told that Thorstead's offending appeared to be more frequent when he was living in Wick and that returning to reside in England, seemed to have had a "stabilising effect" on his behaviour.

The accused, who admitted threatening and abusive behaviour, is now living at 5 Achremead Street, Warmington, Peterburgh.