View Full Version : Song Thrush

Kevin Milkins
30-May-16, 22:55
I saw a Song Thrush today, it's been a long while since I have seen one of those.:Razz

31-May-16, 20:31
Yes we've had one around feeding a young 'un. Fab to watch ��

02-Jun-16, 17:56
pair seen in Keiss village over the last few days

Kevin Milkins
02-Jun-16, 22:36
When I was a nipper and used to go bird nesting with my mate the "Songy" was the nest we found most often, how things have changed. Does the Mistle Thrush exist in these parts?

04-Jun-16, 20:16
There are loads of song thrushes down the East coast- see them all the time.