View Full Version : Supervision for drugs accused

27-May-16, 19:39
Police found man with packets of pills sheriff is told

A MAN police wanted to speak to, came to came to grief after he jumped over a wall to escape them and hit the ground 20ft below.

Officers caught up with Eddie Macgregor and packets of pills strewn around him. He was bleeding and required treatment in hospital, Wick Sheriff Court was told today..

Macgregor, who was living in Wick at the time, but had since moved back to his mother's home in Heatherbell Cottages, John O' Groats, admitted having been in possession of 14 packets of diazepam and eight blister packets of the same Class C drug in Wick town centre, on March 4, last year.,

His solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Macgregor had been consuming the tablets "like Smarties", at the time.. She added that the accused was now taking steps to get help for his addiction and was currently drunk and alcohol free.
Sheriff Andrew Berry expressed the hope said that the job the accused had secured has a fisherman would contribute to him staying out of trouble.

The sheriff added: "I am sure it must be depressing for your mother seeing you repeatedly in court but it looks as if you are trying to do something about your problems."

Macgregor, 20, was made subject to a year-long supervision order.