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03-May-07, 01:28
A panorama of Thurso, unable to post here due to the 3 meg size


03-May-07, 07:22
That is a fantastic photo, t! :) When was it taken? I've had so much fun picking out buildings that I recognise from my days in Thurso, and looking at ones that have been built since. I can even spot the Brownhill Road flat we lived in when we first moved up to Thurso!

What street are the new modern block of flats on, that are to the right of the Miller Academy? Have they been built where there used to be an old quarry?

Everything is so bright and clear, and the gorse in bloom is beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing your perfect panorama, t! :cool:

03-May-07, 10:07
Well its not the best quality but had to take th epicels down a bit as it would have been about 50 meg full size.

The new build are executive apartment just finished a few months ago, at the back of the BT echange on Princess street.

03-May-07, 10:45
here is one from the other side of the town


03-May-07, 17:05
That one's fantastic as well, t! :D

This time I was able to spot the Rockwell Crescent house I grew up in. It's in the last row of houses on the right, with fields beyond. Thanks again! :)

03-May-07, 21:30
How many shots have you spliced together? Did you use photo merge in photoshop or panorama factory?

Some of the joins need further work (I'd also recommend using a tripod with a spirit level to stop the image dropping off to the right) Otherwise a great image. (I assume taken only a few days ago).

Would look good printed out 4000mm wide or so.:eek:

11-May-07, 13:19
Another Pano from Scrabster hill http://www.piggywig.co.uk/connor/pano3.jpg[/QUOTE]

12-May-07, 00:44
That's terrific, t! Thanks so much once again! :D

I've enjoyed poring over your latest panorama, and seeing what's changed since I was last in Thurso and Scrabster. It seems strange not seeing Scapa House anymore, I must admit. Is that Gleber2 and Chobbersjnr I see waving from Dunnet Head Lighthouse? ;)