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04-May-16, 09:45
Accused alleged to have brandished pole in street disturbance

A YOUNG Thurso man is to stand trial on charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour in local streets..

Paul Cannop, 21, pleaded not guilty when he appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.

The charges allege he engaged in a stand-up fight and brandished a pole or similar item at others. He is also accused of assaulting a police officer by pushing him.

In addition, Cannop, of 21 Holborn Avenue, Thurso, denies shouting and swearing and uttering racially-offensive remarks to officers escorting him to Wick Police station and threatening them with violence.

The offences are said to have occurred on Thursday and Friday.

Cannop was granted bail and will return to court for his trial on July 7. He is subject to a 7m-7am cu