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19-Apr-16, 07:50
Angry teen praised for not making matters worse

A THURSO teenager took his temper out on a door at his home, after falling out with his partner.

Aaron Tait kicked, punched and head-butted the living room door but was praised in court, yesterday for having taken the responsible step of getting out of the house to prevent things escalating. He went on to turn himself at the local police station.

The 18-year-old admitted threatening or abusive behaviour when he appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.

The incident occurred while he was watching television with his partner Keris Gunn at 9 St John's House, Thurso, on Saturday night. An argument arose over who Ms Gunn might have been texting on her mobile phone and prompted Tait to exclaim:"I can't take this any more - I can't trust you."

Fiscal depute, Fraser Matheson said "Then, he prudently de-escalated the situation by removing himself from the house and made his way to the police station."

Solicitor Laura Jayne MacNaughton said that Tait, a first offender, was seeking anger management help. She added that the accused did not want the relationship to end and hoped that, with assistance, Ms Gunn and himself could be reconciled.

The case was continued for six months to allow Tait,a chef, time to demonstrate he can behave. He is meantime living at 13 Smith Terrace, Thurso.

Honorary Sheriff Bob Silverwood told him: "It seems a strange thing to say under the circumstances but you seem to have handled things very well. Matters could, otherwise have become, much worse.."