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15-Apr-16, 18:36
"Give me a longer term" pleads accused with drink problem

A MAN jailed for three months for breaching a community payback order, surprised a court, today, by asking the sheriff for a LONGER term.

John Williamson had earlier been taken to the cells below Wick Sheriff Court after repeatedly interrupting his solicitor Fiona MacDonald, to declare he had no intention of completing the unpaid work.

She said that it was unlikely her client would do so, as his drinking was "out of control" and was likely to lead to "his premature demise" if it continued.

When the case was recalled, later, Sheriff Andrew Berry agreed Williamson had no intention of doing the work adding: "If he is not prepared to comply with the order there is nothing I can do."

The sheriff told the the 51-year-old: "You wanted to get help and I have tried that, but you have made it clear you are not going to do the unpaid work. I am left with only the one option - custody."

It was then that the accused made his plea for a stiffer term saying he was "killing" himself with alcohol and reiterating he wanted to get help.

However, his wish wasn't granted.

The community work order was imposed on Williamson, of 10 Kennedy Terrace, Wick, after he admitted assaulting a police constable at Wick police station on August 26 last year, by attempting to head-butt her, and a record.