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08-Apr-16, 10:52
Morning All

I am in the middle of a project that includes the Whaligoe Steps and whilst they are amazing and in a beautiful area they look lethal and for the fisher folk especially the women who used them everyday it must have been quite a feat climbing up and down them in all weathers and with loads on their backs. Is there anyone out there who can tell me whether there were any/many fatalities during the 19th & 20 century herring fishing boom (the period I am writing about)

Hope someone can help

Alice in Blunderland
09-Apr-16, 20:00
Sorry I cant help you with much information on the steps however if you ever get a chance to go out to them there is a resident in one of the houses David Nicolson who can help you with lots of information regarding the steps.... hes almost the unofficial guide of the steps...

10-Apr-16, 14:47
Ian Sutherland,( Local Historian ), Wick, has written several super books about the history of Caithness.

I am quite sure he has written about the Whaligoe Steps, and if you go into Wick Library, I am sure there will be something of interest for you.