View Full Version : Sand Martin Help Needed

Martin England
30-Apr-07, 10:37
Hi all
Can anybody tell me the best place to see Sand Martins in Caithness and or Sutherland area

Many thanks

30-Apr-07, 22:22
Their nest sites sometimes change from year to year but try the east end of Dunnet Sands, near to the salmon bothy.

01-May-07, 20:26
Ask Reghead I am sure there are some at Sandside and there are some here at Scarbster. Great little things.

01-May-07, 23:13
Sandmartins can be found at sandside (west end of beach) and John o groats 50 metres from the last shop on the coastal walk to cannisabay. Their burrows can be seen in the sandy 'cliffs'. I'd love to learn of other locations, thanks :)

Martin England
02-May-07, 09:52
Many thanks to you all, much appreciated
Its one of those birds I havenít seen for years back in England. But now I live up here Iíve noticed quite a few odd birds flying around. I will go and see all the sites mentioned here.
Many thanks again

19-May-07, 23:44
Hi Martin,

You can definitely see sand martins any time at the bridge over the Wick river at Bilbster ( turn down through the farm where the roadside sign says Bilbster House). There was also a little gull around Bilbster yesterday, friday 18th; the first time I've ever seen one.

Hope you get to find some

Simon Harrison