View Full Version : Seven times 'over' driver banned

01-Apr-16, 14:33
Motorist posed "a huge danger" to other road users

A DRINKS driver, who was more than seven times the legal limit, was said by a sheriff to have posed "a huge danger" to other road users.

Dawn Sutherland, 44, said to have been consuming a litre of vodka a day, drove 13 miles on the main A99, road from the village of Lybster to the Lidl store in Wick, where her behaviour prompted a concerned customer to contact the police.

She was breathalysed positive and a subsequent test showed a breath-alcohol level of 166 mgs - the legal limit is 22.

Sutherland, of 4 Moray View Terrace, in the hamlet of Occumster, admitted driving with excess alcohol, on March 4. She was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community work and was banned from driving for 32 months.

The court at Wick, heard that the accused had picked up a friend before heading for Wick. The passenger formed the impression that Sutherland was intoxicated and on arrival at the store she was seen to fall into a display stand.

Sheriff Andrew Berry described the quantity of drink consumed by the accused as "nothing short of incredible" and added: "I have no medical qualifications but it must be detrimental to your health."

The sheriff, who saw a background report, said that there was a considerable history of alcohol abuse on the part of Sutherland. She was consuming a litre of vodka a day which, he said, must place a great strain on family relationships.

Sheriff Berry said that Sutherland had accepted responsibility and was clearly embarrassed and ashamed of her conduct.

The unpaid work imposed will be supervised by social worker to help the accused address her drink problem.