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30-Mar-16, 08:36
"Put your back into work programme or face custody" sheriff warns

A SHERIFF took a young man to task, yesterday, over his "pathetic" progress with a public work order.
Scott Dunnett was said to have completed only two hours of the 72 hours unpaid work requirement.
It was imposed on January 22 after the 20-year-old admitted breaking a double-glazed window in a house in Strathmore Court, Thurso. The incident occurred on December 27, 2014.
Dunnett, of 4 Lyness House,Thurso, admitted breaching the work order, at Wick Sheriff Court. by failing to turn up for appointments.
His solicitor, Fiona MacDonald said that the accused had been experiencing difficulties, There had been sanctions on his benefit and he had lost his accommodation in Wick and had to return to Thurso.
However, she conceded that his unpaid work obligations had got off to a "dismal start" and added: "The accused is well aware he has to pull his socks up."
Sheriff Andrew Berry discharged the 72 hours order and imposed a fresh one of 90 hours to be completed within three months.
He told Dunnett that his "pathetic" progress on his previous requirement was "not going go be repeated" and added: "There will be a review of the new order in two weeks time and if it has not got off to a flying start, there is every likelihood you will find yourself in custody. Have I spelled it out clearly?
Dunnett replied: "Yes".