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27-Mar-16, 15:54
By all accounts there is a lady locally who make Handbags. Does anybody know who she is and does she have contact details?

27-Mar-16, 20:37
I don't know anyone making bags in Caithness. However, there used to be someone making bags to order down in Dunrobin at the old fire station. Perhaps this is who you have heard of?

28-Mar-16, 11:39
Kerry at Tartan At Heart (https://www.facebook.com/TartanAtHeart) makes handbags from tartan!

28-Mar-16, 11:57
Kerry at Tartan At Heart (https://www.facebook.com/TartanAtHeart) makes handbags from tartan!

Thanks for the link to Kerry's website. I see there are some rather attractive bags made from tweed pictured on her blog page.

28-Mar-16, 19:56
There's also another lady that has just launched her bags. Her website is www.frekel.co.uk she also has a Facebook page FreKel

30-Mar-16, 23:41
I know a lady called Liz who makes lovely tweed and tartan handbags in kin aired street

31-Mar-16, 20:03
I have just been reading this thread through now and can't help but think just how resourceful and enterprising people can be. Who would have thought that, here in the Far North, there were so many people making handbags! Amazing! One often reads how people in small communities have to diversify and have many strings to their bows to make a living. I guess this is another example. Very well done. Caithness today.......Princes Street tomorrow?

05-Apr-16, 01:43
Mrs MaCaughey 17 Vansittart street makes the most beautiful handbags Tartan tweed u name she can do