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12-Nov-02, 16:38
does anyone have any information on blue monday and if it still runs?we are a local band and are quite interested in playing at it if it is still on.


12-Nov-02, 21:21
i believe it is still running.
the person you need to speak to is "sparky" alan farquahar from communique if you are from wick.
I'm unsure of the thurso contact but would like to see more done down the wick end!!!

13-Nov-02, 08:26
did it used to be called blue monday wick wednesday
i remember that club when i was younger and used to go to it
it was good fun used to be held in the hut thing near the north school
ah the good old days

27-Dec-02, 20:24
Blue Monday's are brilliant. I try to go to them as much as possible to hear Metal Attack and things cos they all ROCK!!! i'll try and get you an organisers phone number

28-Dec-02, 11:58
Speak to James in the Record Shop or Eann Sinclair or turn up at the next one and ask em cos they are bound to be in da house

also who reviewed that last gig?????

that mannies stuck in the 70s 1470s ha ha

21-Feb-03, 20:40
The next Blue Monday is tomorrow night (Saturday 22) at The Redwood in Thurso and the next one will again be at the Redwood in Thurso around the same date. My band are playing so it'll be great ;)

Line Up

05-Mar-03, 15:30
Any chance blue monday can do something down the wick end of things??
It seems every1 wants to play thurso but why not wick?

Last midsummer madness was a bit of a washout due to the fact not enough bands showed up,not one band from thurso played the market square which was cut short. The year b4 was a great success and hopefully it will be a bit better supported this year so c'mon Wick lets ROCK!!!

Anyway back to the point when is it in wick again? id love to know , :D maybe Jinx'd could play or if not i could do a solo set again why not?

05-Mar-03, 17:51
There is ment to be a Blue Monday planned in Wick for March. Just needs a date. If you guys are up for playing it would be great. i am currenting helping 3 new wick bands get in on it. so theres almost a full line up, if you guys are up for it i'll make sure they know, then there shouldn't be a reason for them not to have it!


06-Mar-03, 08:59
I know when i played the Blue Monday gigs last year we never once played the Wick side.

I wanted to play on a few occassions but our singer just wasn't up for it at all. It was too much "bother"

But the Thurso one... christ... it was mad, lots of bands... not enough time. We always ended up with a set that was too long. we never got to play all of the songs that we intended to play. And everytime... and i mean everytime... it was chaos. Nobody knew they were playing until 5 mins before it happened.

It was always fun to play tho. We always played the right kinda music that made people want to get up and dance... and they did. it was always very full as well.

I think to improve the Blue Monday gigs... they need to set curfews(is that how you spell it??)

anyway eg.

Acid Inc. 10-10:30
Duress 10:40-11:10
etc etc
Last Band 12-12:30

12:45 Curfew

thats what they do with bands down here.

10 minute changeovers should be plenty of time

06-Mar-03, 19:58
that's exactly what they do these days. ;)

11-Mar-03, 13:19
We could play in March if its the 22nd or 29th in Wick.
We could certainly do these dates(unless an urgent booking comes in).
It would be a good platform to launch our new material that we have written.
Hope that it goes ahead .In the words of Nickleback "its been a while".
Anyway good luck hope these dates are available! :D
Keep Rockin'

15-Mar-03, 14:12
Blue Monday tonight guys at the Mackays Hotel

Purple Haze - 9:00
Wasted Ticket - 10:00
Jack Infected Jill - 11:00 :D
Ticket To The Island - 12:00