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10-Mar-16, 21:43
Hi this post is for everyone and anyone's opinions and also help on the matter.
Me and my cousin are currently in the process of trying to find some where to set up a business doing car valeting where you can bring you car either for just a wash for as little as 4.00 or 5.00 for wash wax and dry. Or you will be able to drop the car off leave it with us and we will do a full valet. Prices will vary from what's being done on the vehicle and the size of the vehicle. I currently am working at lidls in wick. But would be interest in starting a business which brings in more cash for me. Plus I would be looking to employ people and to teach them the skills that I have learnt my self. From young age to old age basically to get people who are struggling to get jobs a job. The employing of anyone wouldn't be straight away until I got the business on the go and earnt enough cash to be able to start paying wages. I used to work within a business down in tain 'Lexo valeting services' and basically managed the business. As the employer was never around which left 2 of us to do all the work. But at the moment we are looking for a premises which we could rent per month it doesn't have to be anything amazing just needs running water. And either a small cabin or a small office to sit in. At first I would be looking for a low rent but would be also willing to increase the rent until the business progresses and then would also pay a small percent of the business to the owner of the property or area we would be working on. If you would use this service if it was in your local area 'WICK' would you use it and where would you travel from to use it. Any help would be great like I said it doesn't have to be an amazing place to work just needs running water and a little shelter. Till I could afford to improve it. Thanks.

10-Mar-16, 21:49
Would also like to add that we would be doing charity fund raising events throughout the year to help put various charity's

The Flea
11-Mar-16, 20:30
There are a few that already do this in Wick. I know a few that have very good facilities in their own garages and there was a person who had their own van. Think they came to your house to do it if I remember right.

wavy davy
11-Mar-16, 23:18
As The Flea said, there are a few people around doing valeting, some more seriously than others. You could maybe minimise your startup cost by teaming with another related business with their own premises. Thrumster Garage has just opened up again....

11-Mar-16, 23:37
I'm in Wick every weekend, If prices are reasonable I would like my car valeted at least once a month.

12-Mar-16, 23:43
Only recently moved into the area but it's on thing i haven't seen on my travels, would certainly stop by with the wife's and my vehicles ever few weeks for a wash.

one pointer don't tie into a too longer lease what seem ok at first may not work when your really busy, or be a bit much to find if its quiet. Get a landlord who willing to work with you and your laughing.

if you need any signs or banners to promote the business give me a bell 07583 334455


15-Mar-16, 23:19
Hi kev cheers. I certainly will do. Also went to thrumster garage and just waiting to here back. Also I've had a nosey around at prices of all the mobile and home valeters and got all my prices cheaper. While still earning a profit it may not be much cheaper but needing to buy products and stuff can cost a lot of money if you want the proper stuff. If anyone else has anymore info of any places that I could possibly ask that would be great. Cheers