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09-Mar-16, 19:11
Can anyone advise where the transmission for BTWi-Fi-with-Fon is coming from? Is it coming from my own router and taking up bandwidth? There is another BTwifi-X. I keep getting knocked off my own wi-fi and getting connected to BTwifi-with-fon. It is most annoying. Is there a way to block it or stop it? Thanks in advance :Razz

09-Mar-16, 19:49
It probably is coming from your own router http://www.btwifi.com/help/about-bt-fon.jsp

When you join BT Fon (or whatever it is now called) then part of that agreement is to enable your BT router to give out the signal to allow other BT customers to use this as a connection.

If you do not want to connect to BT Fon on your own router then you could click off the Connect Automatically tick box on the wireless connection / internet connection ... usually showing on the bottom right of the monitor on a desktop computer.

Hope this helps

09-Mar-16, 23:57
My mobile keeps connecting to it and I'm not even with by we are with sky. It's very annoying cos each time I want go use internet I have to reconnect it.

10-Mar-16, 08:47

I think you should be able to tell your mobile to "forget" this connection.

10-Mar-16, 10:56
give BT a call and get them to remove it, it takes up to 48 hours at most for them to remove it because doing it on their website doesnt work

10-Mar-16, 21:45
Thanks guys, I had a right good play around with the settings and I managed to dropp the Fon connection. Cheers! :)