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03-Mar-16, 08:14
"Knock-knock...can you take my case first, sheriff?"

A WOMAN surprised a sheriff, yesterday by knocking on the door of his chamber before the court sitting... to request priority be given to her case!
The unusual approach made at Wick, by Carol Cowie was revealed by the sheriff who took her to task when her case was called - although not first in the list as she had requested.
Cowie, 47, admitted assaulting her husband and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.
Senior fiscal depute, Fraser Matheson said that the attack occurred, after the accused appeared at her husband Charles' home at 9 Mowat Court, Thurso on January 17, looking for a certain person.
When told the person wasn't there, Cowie lashed out at her husband with her hands and feet and slapped him on the head, before spitting in his face. Mr Cowie took refuge in another part of the house.
Police officers called to tkhe scene, were subjected to threats of violence from the accused.
Mr Matheson said that her behaviour continued at Caithness General Hospital where Mrs Cowie was taken for a check-up.
The fiscal depute added that the "obnoxious behaviour" included words like "bitch" and "cow".
Sheriff Andrew Berry continued the case until Friday for a background update on Cowie and warned her "not to make a pest of yourself".
The sheriff added: "You don't knock on the door of my chamber and ask me to have your case taken first for your personal convenience. I think it was you who clapped in the public benches. I don't know whether to find this as gross impertinence or contempt of court."
When Cowie attempted to intervene, Sheriff Berry went on. "Listen to me! I am making an allowance for you, that is why you are not presently in a cell. Come back on Friday with a completely different approach...do you understand?"
Cowie, of 15 Bayview Terrace, Thurso replied:"Yes"