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28-Apr-07, 13:58
By me at least apart from the Wren.



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28-Apr-07, 16:05
Is the one on the gorse a meadow pippit or a rock pippit?

I think this one is quite similar.


28-Apr-07, 20:39
Not too familiar with either the Rock or Meadow pipit, but after a bit of browsing I would say from all the pics I have looked at, the Meadow Pipit has a lighter colored beak with a twinge of yellow in it, the Rock Pipit's beak is generally darker. The photo above my post definately looks like a Meadow Pipit, the kind of circular area around its eye looks similar, but on all pics of both birds I have seen the area around the eye is darker? PLus the Meadow Pipit does have orangy to red legs, so the picture fits the Meadow Pipit features better I think. Another different feature from the Rock PIpit because it has dark legs. So also the one on the gorse I would say is definately a Meadow Pipit if you look at its legs and beak.

28-Apr-07, 22:10
The one on the black wire i'm told is a warbler of sorts.
The one on the post has a black patch on the breast bone so is not a pipit.
(or not like any i've seen before)
The reason i took the pic is i've never seen a meadow pipit with black feathers on the breast bone.
I even considered the American Song Sparrow, but i think they have a thicker beak like a Bunting.
I'm sure someone out there has the answer.
The one on the gorse is probably a meadow pipit.


28-Apr-07, 22:15
The one on the post doesn't have a black patch, what your seeiing is it facing the wind and the breeze is opening its feathers to expose the base of the feathers which will be darker. The bord on the post could be a meadow pipit, its looks like a young bird though, did you take it recently, I wouldn't have thought this early in the year the young uns woudl be flying around yet?

28-Apr-07, 22:18
I thought someone would say that heres the same bird.


28-Apr-07, 22:28
Yeah your right. He is a fat little beggar isn't he, kind of dumpy looking like a young underdeveloped bird? Not a Skylark I don't think? Someone else can have a shot at that one, if it was a young bird it is still possible the underfeathers are showing, but still woudl think that not likely this time of year.

I think the most popualr Warbler around Caithness is the Willow Warbler.

The best twitcher moment I ever had in Caithness was when I was working at Shurrery Estate, we do see a lot of Divers (Loons) out there but the best moment was walking up the Forsie Scye burn one day in mid summer, cracking hot day, I spotted a Dipper on a rock in the stream, he seemed not to be shy of me at all, kept walking towards him and he would just move up a bit to another cok, did this for about 150 yards or so, then he got fed up and stayed in one spot diving in and out so I just sat down and watched him. Then an otter appeared and the Dipper vanished, so I watched the otter for a while who just kept popping up and staring at me. Also saw a Golden Eagle on Shurrery Estate which was a great moment, the thing was massive to say the least, I knew they were big but this one took my breath away, it was perched on top of a hill and we thought it was a man. Also used to love watching Hen Harriers and MArsh Owl's in flight too. That area and around Broubster Leans is a great place for birdwatching.

28-Apr-07, 22:28
I think it looks like a meadow pipit the first picture on this site


28-Apr-07, 22:31
By me at least apart from the Wren.


I am 99% sure that this is a willow warbler.

28-Apr-07, 22:33
The other bird looks like a tree pipit

28-Apr-07, 22:34
I forgot to say, cracking photos Seabird, very well done!