View Full Version : Thanks SSE?

27-Feb-16, 20:52
From Fits in E Groat : SSE to carry out temporary emergency repairs to a number of rural roads in Caithness where it accepts damage has been caused by HGV traffic, associated with the clutch of major constructions projects it is involved in.

Hopefully SSE's emergency repairs will amount to a bit more than a couple bags of cold tar patch and a pat with a shovel. The roads round the west of the county have been partially destroyed so SSE can make a bit more profit at our expense. [evil]

27-Feb-16, 21:44
Now we know who to send our damage claims to for all the wrecked tyres,wheels and suspension parts.

27-Feb-16, 23:07
You would need proof they were negligent and that will be hard to prove ,bills of damage is not proof. I claimed and won damages for a wheel,tyre ,Spring and labour. best of luck to all .

28-Feb-16, 21:56
At least they doing something about it.More than council does,roads probably not that great before all lorries started using them anyway. If the rest of county is anything to go by.

28-Feb-16, 22:17
Kudos to SSE for this attempt to repair the potholes and accepting blame....unlike Highland Council!! Wick to Thurso on both north and south roads is a pain to drive now. not only do potholes and road surface break up damage the suspension but shakes the driver to the bone too. I have already replaced a pair of front springs & two struts and now a rear shocker is damaged so two new rear shockers needed now. all within 2 months! can't tell me that is wear & tear.........like the council said!

28-Feb-16, 23:42
Report a problem pothole using Fix My Street (https://www.fixmystreet.com/), it's a lot faster than the council's own reporting process, and to be fair the Council are usually pretty quick at fixing reported potholes/street lights out etc

I'd be interested to know how the 40 million shortfall from the SNP has affected the Highland Council's roads budget

Maybe we should all cut about on hovercrafts, would be good crack if nothing else