View Full Version : Moving House - Carpets.

03-Feb-16, 21:54
I will be moving house soon, not going far as I am staying in Thurso.

It has been a few years now since I bought a New Carpet and I find myself requiring at least two carpets for the new house.

Can anyone recommend somewhere in Caithness where I can buy two new carpets at a reasonable price as I am on a fairly tight budget.

Thanking you all in Advance. :D

baileys Bhoy
03-Feb-16, 23:04
Jims beds do some but they are limited sizes,colours and styles but they are a good price, we have had some beautiful ones from there.. Good luck on your phone move.

04-Feb-16, 07:46
Janet Street Carpets are really good as well. Usually have quite a few " roll ends " to choose from.

04-Feb-16, 17:23
You won`t get better choice, price and service for new carpets than from Plowman`s in Wick. Their prices include professional fitting too.

Good luck with the move.

04-Feb-16, 21:46
Always find Murry Anderson very good. Friendly and does a first class job.