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03-Feb-16, 20:28
Hello. My name is Adam and im asking on behalf of a sport i love and would love to continue playing.

But as of recently we have has no where to play as the land was sold and we longer have permission to use the land. We ask for one sunday a month on any land you have that we could use. The bigger and more hills or tress etc would be better! We are willing to put money to use this land one day a month.

If anyone could help us it would be muchly appreciated!


04-Feb-16, 00:08
It may help if you state what activity you wish to practice on the land.

04-Feb-16, 00:34
Not everyone will see the tags clearly :-)

04-Feb-16, 19:22
Sorry, its for airsofting purposes. Please dont slate the sport, as it uses "imitation firearms" its quite fun if you enjoy tactical gameplay and its a good fitness builder.

We would use Bio degrading bb's so there would be nothing to affect the land