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20-Jan-16, 09:38
Accused to pay Audi owner 700 compensation

A WICK cyclist caused 700 of damage when he ran into a parked car in the town one night.

John Alexander, 29, was admonished but was ordered to pay the Audi owner compensation of 150 – the insurance excess the owner is liable for.

The accident occurred in Coach Road, Wick, late on August 1, last year as Alexander was cycling home. The collision damaged the Audi's offside bumper and both offside doors, the sheriff at Wick was told yesterday.

Alexander, whose bicycle was also damaged, admitted a charge of careless driving and a record.

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that the accused had hit an uneven part of the road, causing him to to lose control.

Admonishing Alexander, of 38 Leishman Avenue, Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that the accused had limited income but added it was important to ensure the owner of the car was not out of pocket.