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25-Apr-07, 18:17
Ted an' Coomy
by WT Lyall ( special request )

We wance hed two famous musicians
Though neither hed musical degree
Weel known as ai never die buskers
Ted ai Banjo an' Coomy MacPhee.

Ted's banjo wis no stradivarious
A two stringed all metal device
If ye looked at ai neime o' ai maker
A vintage McVitie an' Price.

Coomy's bagpipes hed seen loyal service
At Culloden wi' ai rest o' ai macs,
When Coomy stepped oot doon ai High Street
Ai noise wis lek twelve skalded cats.

Ai most popular stance wis ai pictures
Ai Pavilion an' Breadalbane hall
We's well entertained when we stood in ai queue
When Coomy or Ted gave thur all.

When wan made a noise at ai Breadalbane
At ai Pavilion ai ither wid whine
They never of course played agither
They's bad enough wan at a time

They wid trechle ai streets o' ai backside
An' ai weekside, till see fit they'd get
Then knock at yur door for twa coppers
Wi' a dirty black greasy ould kep.

Ades Coomy 'at reiched oot for stardom
"Piper wan choon" wis first till play mime
He starred in ai famed "Silver Darlings"
Then ai star saw himsel seven times.

But gone are ai days o' 'iss buskers
A penny in ai hat wis thur fee
They were cheip entertainment for many
Ted ai Banjo an' Coomy MacPhee.

06-Oct-07, 12:44
Here's Ted an' Coomy bumped up for Murchiemannie to read - I love all these poems with a local connection... aah to live in those days again.

Thank you Trinkie and Murchiemannie.

LB :)

07-Oct-07, 21:28
Thanks lavenderblue2 for that.

they were a right pair were Ted and Coomy.
As I remember the Wick [lol]I grew up in it had lots of "characters" in those days.
Hope you like this one , it's by the same Author.
Far to the north of this Country
on the shores 'neath those high rocky cliffs
there are steps leading down to that harbour
that quaint little harbour called Wick.

The boats in that harbour are few now
o'er the years they have taken their toll
from sail boats, to steamers and drifters
now the trawlers now fish for the shoal.

It once was a busy wee harbour
the silver darlings, were always their goal
but now they return at the sunrise
with very few fish in their holds

when you look at the land up above there
old men they are sitting in rows
they long for the lost Silver Darlings
that they fished for in years long ago

when you stand on the steps to Wick harbour
when you look at those boats down below
if you could look to the wild north Atlantic
where those old fishermen used to go.

12-Oct-07, 21:38
Wow-trinkie,Lavender&Murch'I have had Ted an Coomy running thru' my mind these last few weeks!!!
The poem is in my favourites now:)
Many thanks all:D