View Full Version : A peace within.

24-Apr-07, 20:37
I know a little Boy at school whoís sad as sad can be. Youíd never see him laugh or smile, heís not like you or me, and yet, he has computers, videos and toys, but he is always fighting, and making lots of noise.
Thereís one thing that he doesnít have, itís very plain to see, he hasnít got a peace within his heart, like God has given me.

If you think that money buys happiness, why thatís a big mistake ! For all these things grow old and rust, and nearly always brake, they only last a certain time, and then thereís something new, not like the everlasting peace, God offers me and you.

Yet it will cost us nothing, for Jesus paid it all, the way that you can have it, is on the Saviour call. Just tell Him that youíre sorry that you have been so bad, by doing all the wrong things and making Him so sad.

Then open up your heart to Him, and let the Saviour in, Heíll fill your heart with gladness and take away your sin. Then you will know for ever, ( and not just for today) , the lasting joy and pleasure, that will never go away.

29-Apr-07, 17:21
Thank you for that - it is really lovely