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22-Dec-15, 20:11
Sheriff questions accused's motive
A SHERIFF today questioned the motive of a woman who has repeatedly threatened to damage police stations in the far north.
Joanne Peacher's latest offence was a threat to set fire to Thurso police station. The 46-year-old already has three convictions for threatening to petrol bomb Wick police station.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, commented that the accused appears to "thoroughly enjoy" carrying out unpaid work in the community. She seemed to re-offend when coming to the end of a supervision order, so get could get a fresh one.
"To some extent" commented the sheriff, "she is manipulating the system so she can do work she enjoys. Carrying out more unpaid work,would therefore not be a punishment".
In her latest incident, on December 9, Peacher called Police Scotland's control room in Inverness, from a call box in Rotterdam Street in Thurso, and stated: "I am going to set fire to Thurso police station."
Suspicion fell on Peacher who pleaded guilty and while she was being processed at Wick police station, she told officers that although she made the threat, she had not intention of carrying it out.
The court at Wick, was told that Peacher, who appeared from custody, was on three different types of medication and had been suffering from depression.
Solicitor Patrick O' Dea said that the accused was brighter, now and that a further period of unpaid work would allow her to start a plan outlined by the community mental health agency.
The sheriff said he knew of only one other case where an accused was "happy" to stay in unpaid work as it gave him structure in his life.
Sheriff Berry noted that Peachers current spell of unpaid work was due to end at the beginning of January and added: "I may be quite wrong, but there is a real suspicion that community service is what you have in mind when you offend in this way. However, I am duty bound to consider unpaid work. With a considerable degree of awareness and perhaps weariness, I will make a fresh order."
Ordering Peacher, of 23 Meadow Court, Thurso, to carry out 200 hours unpaid work within 18 months, the sheriff warned: "If there is a further repeat of you behaviour and you think you can manipulate the court into giving you yet another order, it is highly likely you would be wrong in that."