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22-Dec-15, 15:57
Does anyone know where I can get a caithness word book. Been looking for one for a while but cant find one anywhere!


22-Dec-15, 16:04
Not a book, but have a look here:- http://www.caithness.org/dialect

23-Dec-15, 10:00
There was one in print a few years ago. I'm not in the house just now, so don't have the details to hand. What used to be Bews in Thurso had a Caithness section in their bookshop, but it was looking pretty neglected when I was home in the summer. Stanley in the precinct really knows his stuff and may have one.

29-Dec-15, 00:56
Not sure if it's still in print.

"The Caithness Dictionary, " by Iain Sutherland.
He published it himself , printed by The Northern Times Ltd, Sutherland Press House, Golspie. KW10 6RA
ISBN 0 9513399 1 5

29-Dec-15, 09:33
There is a Book by local born James Miller called "The Caithness Word Book" and you can find one in the Tall Tales bookshop Thurso
You might even find other one's which are no longer in print there

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29-Dec-15, 20:30
28461 If you pm me your email I could send you the pages of this...