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22-Dec-15, 15:29
Detention the only option given your record says sheriff

A LOCAL man will spend the festive season in detention after being sentenced for threatening behaviour towards the police.
Eddie Macgregor, 20, pleaded guilty and admitted an extensive record. He also admitted breaching a community service order.
The court at Wick heard today that police called at the accused's home at 41 Roxburgh Road, Wick late on the night of November 29. He appeared at the top of the stairs and appeared to be "under the influence of something".
Fiscal David Barclay said: "His general attitude was confrontational and challenging. His eyes were staring and his fists were clenched and he was directing comments towards one of the young officers in a bid to get him to rise to them."
Sheriff Andrew Berry who criticised Macgregor's 'surly' demeanour when he made an initial appearance last week, told him yesterday, that, given his record of offending and failure to co-operate with court orders, detention was the only appropriate sentence.
Macgregor was sentenced to 215 days detention.