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18-Dec-15, 18:46
"Drop the attitude or you might find yourself in detention"

A SHERIFF has warned a young man that he could find himself in detention if he doesn't ditch his "boorish" attitude before returning to court.
Sheriff Andrew Berry issued the advice, today, to Eddie Macgregor who admitted aggressive behaviour towards the police, and a record.
The court, at Wick, heard the incident happened after officers called at the accused's home at 41 Roxburgh Road, Wick, late on the night of November 29.
Macgregor, 20, appeared at the top of the stairs looking as if he was "on something".
Fiscal David Barclay said: "His general attitude was confrontational and challenging. His eyes were staring and his fists were clenched and he was directing comments towards one of the young officers in a bid to get him to rise to them."
The court was told that Macgregor was due to have a review on Tuesday regarding an unpaid community work order, imposed, previously, on an unrelated matter.
Continuing the latest case until then, Sheriff Berry took the accused to task about his conduct in the dock.
The sheriff took exception to what he described as Macgregor's "surly" demeanour and went on: "I am sure it is the boorish, childish way you adopt when you
want too show off to other people but I am completely unimpressed. You can think about changing your behaviour before you return to court.because if I were to misinterprete it, I might end up sending you to detention, instead of getting you to carry out community service."