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24-Apr-07, 08:17
Just seen my first swallow of the year. I got ridiculously excited!

misty woman
24-Apr-07, 13:17
I seen a swallow last night,just after i got home from work.They are here 3 weeks earlier than normal.

Farmer Jennings
24-Apr-07, 16:26
Feeling really depressed now.After recording how many swallows are with us every year for the past 14 years,the lastest they have arrived with us is 21st April....none so far.We had a record of 32 pairs last year.However,we have'nt got any midgies either and they tend to arrive when those little blighters show themselves.Shall keep fingers crossed!

24-Apr-07, 17:31
Sorry for making you miserable farmer Jennings. We only have one pair at the moment. For the last three years we have had three pairs.
Hope yours arrive soon

Farmer Jennings
26-Apr-07, 11:44
Big sigh of relief,shutting my ducks in last night when I heard that wonderful sound of a swallow telling me they are back,sat on the telephone wire singing his/her little heart out.Just need their partner to arrive and I can relax.Funny how wonderful they make you feel,I rarely feel this concerned about anything else!

26-Apr-07, 22:03
Was delighted when i went out this morning and here was two swallows flying about, by evening there was three, hopefully the rest will arrive soon, poor things looked a little ruffled but then again if you just had a long flight you would be the same lol


27-Apr-07, 20:15
Thought this photo was so funny, synchronized preening LOL

30-Apr-07, 22:26
You SURE they were preening highlander and not doing rifle practice?
Lovely pic that made me chuckle.

01-May-07, 11:55
I seen a swallow last night,just after i got home from work.They are here 3 weeks earlier than normal.

It has been suggested in the press that migrating birds are arriving earlier in the UK because our spring is early due to climate change. Since these birds come mainly from southern Africa how do the birds know that our spring is mild before thay set off?

I suppose that being insect eaters thay may get their info from the web.:lol: :lol:

03-May-07, 00:47
We recently came back from Greece and the swallows were just arriving there, the temperatures have been very similiar to here and they have had no spring rains so there is a serious lack of food for them so numbers are well below the normal.
As they are insect eaters they will follow the food and with our warmer winters and earlier springs they will appear here as and when the food does.
They started to arrive here on the south coast about 3 weeks ago and what a welcome sight to see them wheeling in the evening sky calling.

PSST maybe they are using GPS,cellular phones,sonar, the web but some how they seem to know where there is a food source.

Aint nature grand.

03-May-07, 22:35
I spotted our first swallows of the year this morning - they appeared to be getting a bit of stick from the starlings though, and I never noticed them come evening time. :( Anyone know if starlings are known to bully at all?

North Rhins
04-May-07, 19:48
Swallow flies in through open back door along passage through open living room door across room and wack straight into front window. Falls onto two sleeping Border Terriers on window sill. Two terriers have nervous breakdowns whilst poor swallow flutters wildly on sill. In steps hero who calmly places towel gently over bird, opens widow and releases bird back into the wild.
I watched the swallow fly off into the distance apparently non the worse, thank goodness. :)

04-May-07, 22:44
" One swallow doth not a sumer make." but sure can give a terrier a BIG headache, thanks for the posting .

06-May-07, 10:52
their info from the web.:lol: :lol:

Oh Gawd!!!