View Full Version : American Fridge Freezer Repair?

12-Dec-15, 21:50
Can anyone recommend someone to repair my Samsung American fridge freezer please?

20-Jan-16, 16:42
If it's the same model as ours you will probably be better off scrapping it. Our model was the one were you can get crushed ice as well as water out of the door. It was re built by Samsung under warranty after the TV program Watchdog made Samsung sort out the problems.

After the re build ours worked very well for another year and now has started to trip the electric once it gets down to temp, it is at our home in Wrexham, a bit far to travel but if ever you are passing you can have it for free and may be able to make a working one out of the 2.

22-Jan-16, 20:47
I managed to get the thermostat replaced and it wasn't too dear. That is the third or fourth thermostat that has been replaced in 6 years although all previous ones were replaced under warranty as it was a common fault.

Thank you very much for the reply and kind offer.