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23-Apr-07, 23:32

23-Apr-07, 23:36
Paula, I have that same subject taken years ago when there was a severe frost and the water was frozen; made a lovely picture! I used to stay at the Portlands Hotel for New Year and after lunch a lot of the residents would take a walk down to the harbour to work off the extra calories consumed!

Your photo is beautiful; thanks for sharing it!

25-Apr-07, 19:00
You certainly have an eye for composition.
I would have never thought of looking at the waterfall from under the bridge.
Great picture.

02-May-07, 01:53
Excellent shot, I always like a vertical photograph, especially one where the horizon is to the top third of the photo with a lot of foreground, always makes a good shot and this is nice composition, well done! :Razz Shame about the bed cropping on the right side, is that part of another photo? Ah sorry my bad, I see its part of a wall of a building, might be worth cropping that out.