View Full Version : Sheriff warns young drivers

11-Dec-15, 17:45
"Speeding can lead to death and misery" says Wick Sheriff Berry

A SHERIFF has spoken about "the fine line" between speeding and tragedy..

Sheriff Andrew Berry said he wanted to highlight the danger for the benefit of young drivers.

He made his comments after hearing that Grant Anderson hit 81mph on the straight stretch of the A99, at Hempriggs, near Wick, where the permitted maximum speed is 60mph. The accused, who appeared today, a day after his 18th birthday, pleaded guilty.

Wick Sheriff Court was told that Anderson had made "an error of judgement". He was said to rely on his car to make the 30-miles trip to work at the submarine testing establishment at Vulcan, near Dounreay, because of a lack of public transport from his home at 3 Bella Mackay Place, Thrumster, only a few miles south of where the offence took place, on September 26.

Sheriff Berry told Anderson: "The consequences of speeding can be very, very serious. We all know about the dangers that can occur when young drivers, looking for driving experience, drive too fast. What I am dealing with today, is a speeding charge not one of dangerous driving, but sometimes there is a fine line between driving too fast, as you were, and something much more serious happening, causing death and misery to all manner of people."

The sheriff added: "I gather you are are already aware of that, but I hope the message will get through to other young drivers."

Anderson, said to have a good work ethic and no previous convictions, was fined 200 and incurred three penalty points.