View Full Version : Highland Council Cuts : Irony ?

rob murray
24-Nov-15, 17:58
All Highland Council offices and schools could be closed from lunchtime on Fridays under proposals aimed at saving the local authority money.
Views have been sought from the public on the plan and other ideas to help the council tackle a potential funding gap of more than 21m next year.
Reducing the working and school week to 4.5 days would result in significant savings, the council has said.
Cutting class-time has been suggested before but was opposed by some parents.
Highland Council said most staff would still be working their existing contracted hours, but doing so over 4.5 days.

Irony : councilors still scoffing free meals according to press ( front page P and J ) !!!! why not cut back on freebies / lower travel cost allowances, stop wasting money on hired cars etc etc........

rob murray
25-Nov-15, 15:28
AH well local politics doesnt seem to be of any interest what with the lack of responses