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14-Nov-15, 08:38
Laughing teen taken to task

A SHERIFF who gave a teenager a chance, caught him laughing at the plight of a drunk man in the dock, minutes later.
Sheriff Andrew Berry recalled the 17-year-old, at Wick and took him to task. .
The youth who cannot be named for legal reasons, had earlier admitted charges of housebreaking, theft and reset as well as driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.
The court heard pleas for a non-custodial sentence as the accused was trying to beat his drug habit and get support. He was made subject to an 18-month supervision order and banned from driving for a year.
The next case involved the man who was clearly under the influence of drink and had breached an unpaid work order imposed after he admitted an assault on a policeman.. The case was continued to another date.
It was then that Sheriff Berry recalled the 17-year-old from the public benches and told him: "You seemed to think that the man's difficulties were funny. He has a chronic problem affecting his health which gets him into trouble but he has far more dignity that you will ever amass in your lifetime"
The sheriff added that he now had no confidence in the youth complying with the court orders. The accused is currently subject to a 7pm-7am curfew.

Admits possession of drug

A WOMAN owned up to having "a small amount of dope" when police arrive to search the house in Thurso.
Gemma Sutherland, 25, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis resin onApril 24, this year.
She was fined 100.
Sutherland was said to have started work as a hairdresser in Aberdeen, recently, and living in the city's Balnagask Road.

Lorry driver didn't take regulation breaks

AN experienced lorry driver who exceeding his permitted driving hours on two occasions, gave himself away because he entered the correct details in the vehicle's tacograph recorder.
Andrew Thain, 59, pleaded guilty to contravening the regulations. He took a 15-minute break instead of a 30- minute one, on August 28 and on a second occasion was five minutes short of a 20-minute break, on September 2.
Fiscal David Barclay said that there was almost an irony in the circumstances in that Thain had identified him as having committed the offences, by registering the correct information in the tacograph.
Sheriff Berry, who heard that Thain had held a HGV licence for 35 trouble-free years told the accused, of West Banks, Ackergill: "It is clear you have a long and responsible driving record without any convictions. I rather suspect there is a lesson to be learned here and that these offences won't happen again."
Thain was admonished.

Window smasher injured his hand

Adam Hope's act of drunken vandalism backfired on him.
He used his fist to smash a window at the North Highland College in Thurso, on March 8... and had to be rushed to hospital by police to have shards of glass removed.
Solicitor George Mathers, who described the offence as "utter stupidity", added that Hope was now working as a plant operator in Shetland.
Hope, 24, of 2 Craigpark Road, Scalloway, admitted a charge of causing malicious damage, while on bail and was ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work in the community.
He was also instructed to pay off 830 of unpaid fines, by January 20,