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21-Apr-07, 23:15
Buy bag of peas out of coop the ones for making soup, i think it was the marrowfat ones, you soak over night, I use a 6 pint pan

1 smoked hough
1 bag of peas
2-3 carrots
1 large onion
l leek
salt and pepper
chicken stockcube (sometimes i add 2 as its a large quanity i make)

Put smoked hough in pan of cold water and bring to boil, skim, turn down heat cook for 1 hour, add stockcube and season
Add peas smimmer for time it says on packet, add diced veg cook for a further 30 minutes, liquidise and its REALLY YUMMY!!

21-Apr-07, 23:24
Pea and Ham soup from a chicken stock cube, Highlander you are some wonderful person

21-Apr-07, 23:26

22-Apr-07, 00:17
mmm highlander, that's just how I make pea soup, except for the leek...I never added that. I bet it gives it a subtle extra flavour, and I'm going to try it next time.

12-May-07, 13:42
Yesterday i bought some fresh peas from supermarket, added the usual veg, carrots, onion, leek, and chicken stockcube plus half bag of lentils then fried up some bacon added to soup, OH YUMMY SCRUMMY!!!