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12-Nov-15, 09:35
Banned after travelling a few yards
A MOTORIST travelled a matter of yards in a Caithness village.... and was charged with driving while disqualified.
For the short distance, took Jamie Sutherland from his garden onto a street, the sheriff at Wick heard yesterday.
Sutherland, 22, who is unemployed, was repairing an old car in the village of Halkirk. Re-positioning the Vauxhall Corsa took it temporarily onto Church Lane. Neighbours, who knew from press report that he was subject to a four -month disqualification, reported him to the police.
Fiscal David Barclay said that the neighbours' attention was attracted by the sound of Sutherland revving the vehicle's engine.as he manoeuvred it the short distance from the garden of his then home, onto the adjoining street and back again.
Solicitor Patrick O' Dea said that Sutherland, now living with his mother, at Orkney View, Forss village, had sold the Corsa for scrap, on June 17, two days after the offence.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said he had had cause to be concerned about the Sutherland in the past, specifically about his behaviour in court and the "boorish" and "selfish" nature of his driving, in particular spinning the wheels of his car.
The sheriff said he recalled thinking when he banned Sutherland, previously, that it was "inevitable" he would be back in court because "you seem to have some difficulty accepting what the court tells you not to do".
Sheriff Berry continued: "I very often send someone who drives while disqualified to prison because it is an act of defiance and if this happens again, you can come to court prepared for that."
The sheriff made the point that Sutherland's offence was not a typical case of driving while disqualified and he would take account of the limited circumstances.
The accused, who pleaded guilty, was banned for nine months and ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid work in the community, within three months.
The court heard that Sutherland had 400 outstanding in fines, imposed previously and he was given time to save 5 per fortnight and present the instalment to the court on December 22.