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17-May-05, 09:55
If anyone happens to be in Glasgow this week / weekend and is looking for something to do... Thurso band Boss Hogg will be playing in Glasgow's Rockers venue and would be greatful for any Caithness support. Rockers is becoming a great venue to catch some of Glasgow's best up and coming bands and has played host to some great names including UK punk legends the UK Subs. This is our second time at the venue in 3 months and we're delighted to have the chance to play it again.
Details below -

Where? Rockers, Midland Street, Glasgow.
When? Friday 20th May @ 8pm.
How much? Absolutely FREE.


The Pepsi Challenge
17-May-05, 15:58
You twats. I said last time you played Glasgow, that, if you let me know when you were playing - at least two weeks in advance - I might be able to get you alive review in the Daily Record/Sunday Mail.

So listen; next time you're down in the bog smoke, let me know. OK?

17-May-05, 16:21
Twats? A bit harsh, but ok!

Next time we're down will be sure to let you know. Would be good to see you at the gig anyway? We've got some reviewer from a Glasgow Rock Fanzine coming to it. Not quite the Record but a decent start I suppose!!

The Pepsi Challenge
18-May-05, 00:21
Any publicity is good publicity. The Glasgow scene is a vibrant one, so don't worry - lots of people will no doubt be reading up on Boss Hogg soon. I can't make it along as I'm covering either Roy Harper or Sluts of Trust in Embra'. Still, enjoy the gig and don't partake in any pay-2-play venues. I'm sure you guys are better than that. Have a good one.