View Full Version : Cherry picker / hi access

04-Nov-15, 00:30
Looking to hire/borrow a cherry picker for 1hour when ever suits. Argyle square, Wick

I know Simpsons hire one, but that's the issue, they only have one and its currently busy sitting outside the camps bar most the day watching the world go past.

If anyone can assist, let me know please

Kevin Milkins
04-Nov-15, 21:37
We had the one from the Camps car park for today and did a great job, I think they have many more than one type of lift though.

04-Nov-15, 23:20
U have the one I need haha, need to get up to roof and next to chimney. When u finished with it?

Kevin Milkins
04-Nov-15, 23:33
It has been taken back today.

05-Nov-15, 20:01
isn't it past the cherry season?