View Full Version : Sparrow Hawk

21-Apr-07, 08:37
I took this picture in Elgin's Cooper Park. A hungry looking sparrow hawk and a rather nervous looking canary.


North Rhins
21-Apr-07, 15:08
What a fantastic photo! Those eyes!!! Iíll bet the canary is slightly worried.

21-Apr-07, 23:42
Great close up, i have tried so many times to get a picture of the sparrow hawks, buzzards and kestel up close, maybe one day i will have success.

26-Apr-07, 21:54
We had a sparrow hawk come through the living room window and fly round the room a couple of times the year before last and it also knocked itself out on another window and spent 30 mins in a box before flying away, apparently well. Inspired me to buy a camera, unfortunately too late.