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Tam 2000
31-Oct-15, 16:23
Does anyone else have problems with their mobile signals, we have 02 & tesco mobiles & none work today. Anyone else with problems?

31-Oct-15, 16:29
Vodafone down too - I've been told that it will be a maximum of 48 hours

little miss breezy breeks
31-Oct-15, 16:36
I am on Tesco and my signal has been quite random all day

31-Oct-15, 16:51
Vodafone OK in Pennyland area.

31-Oct-15, 17:09
I am having No Problems with Vodafone in Thurso, I have been using it all day. :D

Tam 2000
31-Oct-15, 17:14
Thanks for the replies, no need to keep taking the sim out & rub it any more!

01-Nov-15, 08:41
Yes we have had the same problem on o2