View Full Version : Anyone know how to delete from the "What's on" section?

28-Oct-15, 19:22
Does anyone know how I go about deleting an entry in the "What's On" Section? I have been advised that there is a listing for a "Flavours Christmas Event" in Thurso on the 28th of December - which there isn't!

Thanks in advance

29-Oct-15, 18:49
email Niall - he's always very helpful. Address is in Contact Us - at least was, something seems to have happened to that page. Expect it's somewhere. I would add it here but maybe there's a reason it's not on just now. You can't do it yourself.

29-Oct-15, 19:22
I've deleted it. :)

29-Oct-15, 19:57
Wonderful - thank you badger and maggie :)