View Full Version : SoundCloud and Your Music!

26-Oct-15, 22:53
I noticed another poster on here looking for a musical collabration and posting a SoundCloud link, which got me thinking. Do any of you have SoundCloud links where you upload music you've made?

I have :D

I used to play in bands and stuff but the grind of organising people, going out gigging and bickering with people about song structure lead me to just doing it myself, so I set myself up at home and started recording!

Have a listen if you like, its all free - even if you want to download it! If not, well, don't :)


If any of you out there have some recording equipment tales to share, that would be cool too!

26-Dec-15, 17:58
Most of it is experimental and recently my pc amp had blown up and as I listened to my posts on higher quality speakers I realized most of my music will need remixing :(
And for the longest time I was recording everything in stereo tracks :0, I don't really have any more recording horror stories as I found a few very helpful online communities and most people are happy to give advice when it comes to mixing and recording.
Some good songs on your soundcloud page. I really liked Parallel Dimension.
I have done some collaborations with musicians like Manuel Vieira who has a youtube page called Midnight Welder and with Gung-Ho Jihad at https://soundcloud.com/gung-ho-jihad he also has a YouTube channel and is worth checking out.

01-Jan-16, 20:11
Our soundcloud page isnt up to date but our official tunes are on bandcamp. Page says were glasgow based but we do a lot of our recording in caithness such as the tunes on here.....https://brawth.bandcamp.com/

by the way im toying with the idea of hosting some houseconcerts...anyone ever do that up here?