View Full Version : looking for a club.

20-Apr-07, 14:53
Wasted my first year in Caithness just lying in the sun all summer and hiding indoors all winter. Looking for a sports club, suitable for mid twenties almost fit male. Tried my hand at a few sports over the years and after spending all my childhood in a swimming pool found them quite hard to commit to. Now is the time though, getting bored between work and sitting on sofa. Team sports are good as long as there is no commitment to compete as i'm a chef so weekends are pretty much written off. Any good clubs out there.

Better Out Than In
20-Jan-14, 17:12
As you like getting wet have a look at pentlandfirthyachtclub.org.uk. There is also surfing and sea canoeing and sea rowing in Wick.

23-Jan-14, 18:11
There`s the Karate club in Wick Assembly Rooms. Every Monday/Wednesday at 7.00pm and Every Saturday 10.00 am-1.00 pm (3 classes).