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20-Oct-15, 03:30
just putting some feelers out there would anyone in Caithness area be interested in a mobile tack shop providing everything needed for horse and rider. Please leave feed back thank you

22-Oct-15, 15:50
In all honesty I do not think this would be variable, as there is a very good saddlery in Wick, who does feed deliveries and can source most things as and when required.

22-Oct-15, 17:59
I had one down south in a big city with 3 tack shops and we still managed to make a very good profit. this is due to the fact that 1) we only put small amount mark up on the price it cost us from the wholesalers. where as the tack shops usually double or treble the prices. 2) we went to peoples yards and they were able to try on there and then and we also went to shows. But this is why I'm doing this survey to see if there is any interest if there isn't then I wont do it. Thank you for your input it is appreciated