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19-Apr-07, 18:20
[evil] I have been watching this case and i find it so hard to think that these children suffered all that abuse over 19 yrs and no-one noticed.I know that alot a families foster children and give those kids a great life, but i am curious if there are laws about that state that the social services who place these children with foster carers continue to see these children to make sure all is ok...Now i ask the big question of how many children have suffered and are at this moment in time suffering at the hands of a sadistic carer....
Who is it that lets these children down, is it the social worker, the government,.

I personally think that 14yrs is too short a time and she should spend the rest of her natural days behind bars.I cannot go into detail about what she did as it is distressing but the story can be read on the bbc news web site..
My heart goes out to those 3 children who suffered at her hands...

19-Apr-07, 19:45
Oh i cannot stand the thought of someone being cruel to children[evil]
They are so innocent

19-Apr-07, 19:46
Justine, it is a sad fact that 19 -20 years ago society was a very different place sadly. Children were placed in foster homes, very little background reports taken,there was very little follow up, things were often put down to the child is having " emotional problems ", staff then may have had suspicions but very few would act, it was often forgotten ! We did not have the communication nor reporting structures in place like we have today, and there was very little communication between different agency's.

Thankfully it has changed and still changing into a far better service, improvements being made all the time, greater sharing of information between agencys

I worked in the same job for 20 years, i wont say what job i did, but over the past 10 years we saw a massive rise in offences against children being reported, often by themselves as they got older and realised it was not something to be ashamed of, they did nothing wrong and no one will view them as being different. For a very long time, it was kept behind closed doors, dealt with within the family, and the kids were left to get over it, sadly few did, thankfully more are coming forward as they get older, and thankfully due to it being very high profile, teachers,nurses, doctors etc ( anyone who has contact with children on a profesional basis) are now aware and will challenge or question anything that arouses suspicion and follow ups done. It will be many years yet before, i feel, that these cases being reported will start to tail off.

Yes, 14 years is not a great deal of time considering the crimes she commited, but believe me, i have seen and read worse with the perpetrator getting a lot less sentence ! And due to human nature sadly i dont think we can ever have a safe enviroment for children to grow up [disgust]

19-Apr-07, 20:20
I hope she gets a real hard time in prison for what she has done to these poor innocent kids.

19-Apr-07, 20:55
She will get a hard time in prison and so she should.
Please remember that thousands of Children (including My Brother and I) have been through the foster system without any problems, and become useful members of society, and been well looked after. There are not many like this wretched woman, Thank God.

19-Apr-07, 21:05
It is sad that children are made to suffer by the hands that are meant to care for them, although it is unbelievable that they suffered so long and nobody saw it!!!
She was a deeply religious women and attended her church regularly, that may have been one reason that the abuse was unnoticed as who would think that someone of her standing would be capable of such cruelty!! but sometimes it is the religious folk who abuse if you think to the days of the nuns running homes where abuse was a part of life and the priests who molest young children
I personally would have locked her up for life and made sure that she was not segregated from the other prisoners ! she how she likes to be on the other end of abuse!!!

19-Apr-07, 21:18
She will spend all of her sentence on protection, which means she will be housed away from main stream prisoners and held in custody with others of her type ! I would have prefered if she got a life sentence then after release she would be on licence for what short life she would have left, unfortunatly life does not mean life and they can get a life sentence and only serve a few years, but at least a licence means that if they ever step out of line again they are right back inside and held at the discretion of the scottish exec ( lifer tribunal system )

Jim, please do not read anything into my previous post, cases like this are very few and far between and many if not most foster homes are safe secure units to raise children .