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05-Oct-15, 09:55
An interesting article in the Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/welcome-to-toryland-a-heartless-place-with-no-room-for-kindness-a6679231.html#), headlines "Welcome to Toryland, a heartless place with no room for kindness.

This is the authors take on the Tory party conference taking place in Manchester.

Sounds about right to me.

rob murray
05-Oct-15, 12:01
Cameron has led the Tories further to the right than Thatcher did. The UK now is a big business, avarice its fundamentalist religion.They will not welcome this column, or me, in Manchester today. I’ll survive. But I fear the British values of fairness, justice and humanitarianism will not fare so well under this authoritarian, unaccountable government, and its slippery leader.

Well put, especialliy fairness justice etc......

05-Oct-15, 13:22
Some interesting points but you can't say the Conservatives are any worse for the NHS than the other parties considering they had the largest investment into NHS funding than any other party during the GE run up.

I'm never a fan of un named sources within an establishment the usually have an agenda to follow or authors trying to flog a book.

As for Manchester I doubt anyone would want to go into the party conference after the disgraceful scenes outside with some factions of the militant left spitting at people, threats of rape and heckling. Considering every other party conference has passed peacefully why is this type of behaviour only seen outside the conservative conference. If that's the caring socially responsible left then I'd rather be without it. Seems that Mob rule and aggression is the way of the hard left.